Tuesday, December 23, 2008


We absolutely LOVE visitors! We live in the middle of NOWHERE lol so we love it when fun friends come to play! It is super hard for us to get out and about with the two kiddos and we wish we could visit more! Since we moved Kristen, Mom Sandra and Kelly came for a (too short) visit to love on the boys. I can't wait until they come BACK! Jennifer and her super freakin awesome boyfriend Cory came for a visit which was great and we cannot wait until they come back and bring little Tinley so Bryce can flirt with her :) Jennifer, Bryan and Kaylie came to see us and we are hoping they can make a little vacation and come stay a few days very SOON! Mark (Bryce's BFF) and his lovely Ashley made a trip over and that was awesome! Bryce was in heaven while they were here to entertain him and play "punchers"!! My Dad has come a few times which is always a special treat because he SPOILS us to death and fixes things that we don't even ask him to fix. He is super dad for sure! Justin is like the son he never had and they always have "manly bonding time" haha! They talk more than we do now which makes me so proud...and just a little jealous :) My mom has been here so we can take care of her and let my boys love on her. She is literally Bryce's WORLD! She helped me raise him during his first six months of life and they have a "friendship" that only they understand. Its always fun when she is here. Justin's parents came to see little Brody when he got out of the hospital. Although I was filled with lots of guilt for not being able to be a super hostess while they were here (because Brody had JUST got out of the hospital) we had a great time. They are always fun to visit with! Meme, Poppy, Debbie, Meme and Frances were also kind enough to come and make a day trip to see Brody when he first got home. They spoiled us as usual and we just loved having them all around! Luckily I am making new friends here and we are looking forward to having them over as well! Also...Katie and her husband Chris live close by so when in need of a BIG glass of wine, my forever friend Katie is always on hand! Hooray for friends!!!

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