Saturday, December 20, 2008

Starting to BLOG

As 2008 comes to an end I have begun to look back on what a whirlwind year we have had. We found out in the end of January that we were expecting a new baby! We were so thrilled to add to our family!! In June Justin was offered a new job opportunity in Boerne, Texas. He moved in July and in August I started preterm labor issues. I was in and out of the hospital several times before my doctor decided to put me on bed rest. I went ahead and resigned from work at Wetmore and moved to Boerne with Justin on September 1st. Brody John McElhannon was born on September 11th in Houston (the day before hurricane ike). 8 hours after our precious angel was born the neonatologist came in the room to inform us that Brody had duodenum atresia and would require surgery before he could digest. She also let us know the she suspected he had downs syndrome. We were also informed that due to the hurricane I would be discharged and Brody moved to another hospital. The next few weeks were filled with pain, fear and love for our little angel. After 2 long weeks in Houston we finally got Brody transferred to Children's Methodist in San Antonio. His surgery was a success and 32 days after his birth, our little gift from God was able to come HOME! He has monthly therapies and we will continue to watch his heart. Bryce Joe McElhannon turned 3 on September 28th and started preschool at First Baptist of Boerne. He loves all his new friends! He is such a smart and sweet boy! In early November, my mom was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. It has been a long year with lots of ups and downs. We have kept our heads high and listened to our Lord. He created me so strong. He gave me challenges because He knows I can handle it. I thank God each day for my blessings and I pray for more strength.

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