Thursday, December 25, 2008


Hooray its CHRISTMAS!!! Brody is having a fabulous first Christmas rolling around in the wrapping paper! Bryce is beside himself and cannot figure out how to play with ALL his new toys at the same time :) We had the most amazing time at the river walk last night. The lights were beautiful and the weather was perfect. We could have done without the homeless people chasing us down with their cigarettes asking us for just "fitty cents sir"...but its all good. We ate at Paesanos on the river and it was YUMMY! Santa brought me the most wonderful presents!! Diamond earrings and a ring that was made special...its has two sapphires (both my boys birthstone is sapphire) and diamonds along the side. So special!! I have the best husband ever...ahem I mean I LOVE Santa! My stocking was filled with other goodies like perfume and lotions and of course I got the Steve Madden shoes I have been begging for! Justin was spoiled too of ALWAYS! I am going to have to clean out the playroom soon so there is room for all the new goodies the boys got! I can't wait to watch the boys play with their lego table. Pop-Pop put in a special request to Santa and its just perfect! I put my turkey in the oven at about 9am and already got the dry ingredients ready for the dressing. Exciting AND scary! Justin's mom, dad, nana and nephew Caiden will be here this evening and we are going to have Christmas with them here. It should be a full house...which I LOVE. I hope everyone is having a MERRY CHRISTMAS! I will post some pictures later today...

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