Tuesday, December 30, 2008

mommy decisions

"Its just not that big of a deal mom"
This is something my son said to me today that made me have to make one of those incredibly difficult decisions. Here is the scenario...I hear those great words "Its just not that big of a deal mom" and I have to instantly decide whether I get out of the shower with shampoo still in my hair and pray that I do not kill myself on the tile because I am soaking wet OR do I just chance that it really is "no big deal" Here is what I have to go on...the last few times he said this there was a lego in the toilet, pudding in a very odd spot on the wall or even once my brand new lipstick that made super great "leg paint". These decisions are made by all mothers and sometimes they are more difficult than others. Another example is this morning when Brody got a little fussy...I rocked him and he fell asleep on my shoulder. A few moments later I realized his spit up was dripping down my bra. So do I move my comfortable and quietly sleeping baby or do I get up and change clothes. This is a mommy decision. Do I scold my son for telling me yesterday..."mom you have a fat butt i think" or do I scold myself for looking into the mirror while getting dressed and saying that exact thought outloud in front of him. There really is just not an answer that is correct...and that is why these decisions are left up to the mom :)
On another note...Marley and Me is an adorable movie. Too funny and too sad. There is nothing better than a movie that can make you laugh AND cry and even better than that...remind you to love.
On a sad and final note for the night, I am really feeling that my mom is beginning to let go. Bryce really added a little light to her life that I notice is not in her when she is away from him. I think my boys provided her with a little extra spunk she needed. I wrote three letters to the American Cancer Society today...so hopefully we can get some info ASAP before things start to get worse. She is my lifeline and I pray daily for her strength...not only in her health but in her faith as well.

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