Saturday, December 27, 2008


Yuck. This is my least favorite chore. Our house is 3500 sq ft and the majority of it is tile. Can someone please give me a clue on how to mop my floor without feeling like I have just run a marathon? I guess its good exercise, but its just not too much fun.
As soon as Justin's parents headed out the driveway this morning, my Dad drove in. Bryce was super excited to see him and they are now outside playing superman. I really do love having Monday when I have no more visitors I am going to have to get used to the quiet again. We are blessed that we were able to see so much of our families this year. Its always a headache getting the logistics together...but it seems to have all worked out the best that it possibly could.
Now we are trying to make plans for the new year and getting organized for 2009. I have been putting a LOT of things off lately because of "the holidays" so...they are about to be over and I will have to think of some other excuse to put things off for. There is nothing better than good ol procrastination.
Things seem to be going great at work for Justin. I think we really made the right choice moving here. It was definitely the most difficult thing we have ever done, but it seems like we are following God's plan. I wish I saw Justin more in the daylight hours...but I know that will get better in time...or not haha. I truly cherish our Sundays.
Having Caiden here was great. The boys had to adjust to the whole sharing things at first, but they were best buds by the second day. They are just at that stage when one has something the other wants it and as soon as they pick up something else the other one wants that now too! It was adorable having Caiden call Justin "daddy"... He said it made him want to have twins! No thanks to that...but things like that make me question if I would like our family to continue growing. Some days I think for SURE I am done having kids. I NEVER want to be pregnant again and I would rather do more for 2 kiddos then a little less for 3. BUT I just love kids so much and my patience expands each day. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than caring for my two little munchkins and I can just imagine a third wrapping his or her arms around me too. Blah I wish adoption was not so expensive. It is sad how some people are given a gift and for selfish reasons...they let it go and pretend that it was the "right" thing to do. I guess some people were just really not meant to be parents and some are. People ask me all the time if its hard to have two kids...and at this point (and granted I am only 4 months in) I think its fabulous and could not imagine it any other way. I just do not find myself getting overwhelmed or exhausted by them. Maybe its because I like playing with Bryce's toys too LOL

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