Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I absolutely love the holidays. I love the stress and chaos that they bring!! Sometimes it is difficult because we have so many families. With my parents being divorced it adds some extra stress and schedule manipulating but it always ends up working out. We have to be very careful not to hurt anyone's feelings during this time of the year! Justin always reminds me that WE are each others family now and we have to make sure we are doing what WE want to do. Everyone else comes second. It is different being away from Houston this year. I really thought I would miss it more than I do...We had a super fun Thanksgiving with my Dad's family at the Frio River. The Moore's have a FABULOUS River House and they are incredible hosts. It was the first time I really got some help with the kiddos and it was much needed and APPRECIATED! Justin and I left at 3am on Black Friday to get our shopping done...YES we are one of those crazies out in the middle of the night fighting over portable dvd players and doodle pros LOL! We had Sullivan Christmas this past Sunday and of course an Erickson Christmas Sunday as well. I don't know what we would do without Kristen's family in our lives. They are the family we have that keeps us sane :) Tomorrow we will ride the river boats and then come home and get ready for SANTA!! This year is going to be so much FUN on Christmas morning!!

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