Monday, December 29, 2008

parents etc.

I have been really thinking a lot lately about what wonderful parents I have. They truly love me unconditionally and I am so blessed for their contribution to my life. My favorite thing about my parents is their love for my kids. I talk to both of my parents pretty much every day (and sometimes more haha) and no matter what I tell them about the boys they are EXTREMELY excited and proud. They are sure that Bryce is a genius and are so in awe of our little miracle Brody. I can never fully express my appreciation for the amount of love they provide my boys. It is hard for me that they cannot enjoy them together, but the way their worlds stop when my boys do even the smallest things gives me a feeling that cannot be replaced.
We had a great Sunday. I got to go to Walmart ALONE. You have no idea what kind of treat it is to go grocery shopping alone. Its by far my favorite. Justin and I cooked quail and venison and just lounged around playing with Bryce's new toys. I got to have one of my beloved phone calls with Kristen...I look forward to this uninterrupted chat sessions more than you could know. She saves my life sometimes and always keeps me sane. I even got a visit from Amanda! She was in town visiting her sister and she came by to meet Brody. I love having such great friends that no matter what time passes in between visits, the friendship is always there...and its real. Not that artificial convo that you have with some people.

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