Monday, June 13, 2011

maybe our worst day??

today started with dr. f coming in at 6:45 am. he gave us a game plan...1000 mg of steroids today, tomorrow and wednesday. wednesday afternoon they will decide if they are going to do an IVIG....which is basically a blood antibody transfusion.

so far his pain has not decreased.
dr. f ordered a ct scan on his lungs and an mri on his legs.
we have not received mri results yet...but we did get ct scan results back.
they were not good.
they found debri called fibrosis.
not good.
this is what we have NOT wanted to hear since day one of diagnosis.
dr. f will come in the morning and talk to us about that. hopefully then we will go over the mri results.
also today while that was happening...our sweet baby braxton fell down and had to get 8 staples on his head. my friends who had him immediately took him to our doctor/family friend who got him taken care of. i am not sure who was more upset about all that...but i am pretty sure it was my precious friends who were watching him. i have 3 i guess things like this are just going to be a part of our lives! was...maybe our worst day?
it was pretty awful and thats a fact.
one thing is for sure...braxton is FINE. i went straight to see him and he was running and laughing an playing and now has a fancy scar like his big brother brody.
please pray for justins lungs. please pray for the steroids to work...they are not yet.
i am extremely overwhelmed and sad and tired and scared.
i dont know much else...but i do know that Gods presence is SO obvious. i dont have a clue what He has in store for us...but we know He's got this. this is not our burden to carry.
we are loved on...our kids are loved on. our fridge is being loved on. our laundry is done. once again...God is good. like...crazy good.

oh and Bryce is here. he is not scared one bit. he got to go to target and pick his daddy out a prize to bring...he chose connect4. (thanks katie for the idea!) he is excited about all the jink food that is in this room. :)

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