Wednesday, June 15, 2011


This morning Dr F told us what we already knew... Justin is not getting any better.
So... We started the blood antibody transfusion (ivig). It's pretty gross... But the Dr is confident this will help.
His pain has not minimized at all. His legs and arms are the worst. He is on tons of pain medication... Morphine, norco, something for nerve pain... Nothing helps :(
Can you imagine? It's extremely frustrating for him. The IV solumedrol was supposed to reduce the inflammation... But it didn't.
He still has a positive attitude and he still sees that God is at work... Although he is definitely having more and more moments of weakness.
He has been just as in awe as I have at the way our friends have rallied together to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We have had so many wonderful visitors from far and farther (I would say near and far... But NOTHING is near to us).
Our babies are good! Justin is thrilled that some great friends brought Brody up here to see him! He has now got to see all his boys... Which is such good medicine for him.
Braxton is pretending like nothing ever happened to his head... Doesn't bother him a bit!!
Thankfully, we have our precious sitter Katelyn at the house now... So all is good in the world!!
The IVIG will take 3 or 4 days... So we will be here.
We are tired. Exhausted. Burnt out on this place.
Current prayer request:
Justins pain to stop
He now has something terrible happening to his wrist. It's swollen and black and hurting badly.

Thank you all for loving us and sharing in this journey with us.

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