Saturday, June 18, 2011

miracle on mcelhannon street

miracles are real.
ready to hear why?
friday was loooong. actually sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday were long too.
but friday was like WAY long. it felt that we were just dragging through the trenches. lost a little. still being led by an incredible doctor...but reaching his max.
last night i left the hospital feeling sad and anxious. i knew that we still had options ahead...but they just didnt FEEL right.
i really didnt feel like talking to anyone.
i just wanted to come home and snuggle with my babies and go to bed.
i got a call from a friend of friend. let me just tell you that everybodys friend of a friend has something they want to tell i wasnt super pumped about answering the phone. i almost didnt.
this sweet girl called to tell me how she had been healed at cleveland clinic...she told me her story of her specific disease and how they had tried everything here and finally she found the right treatment and answers within 3 days at cleveland clinic. she told me her family would help us get there and that God had made it VERY evident to me that she HAD to tell me about cleveland clinic.
i immediately felt overwhelmed. there was no way i could convince justin to go to cleveland clinic when his dr (that he trusts so much) had mentioned Houston.
i mentioned the call to justin...we prayed and went to sleep.
first thing this morning...dr f came in. they called me on speaker and...get ready...
dr. f had been on the phone ALL day trying to find the perfect place to send justin. he worked with the on staff rheumatologist at UTSA to research and make calls. they immediately ruled out anywhere in texas.
guess what he said...
"i have found the father of all doctors that wants to treat you...he is an expert in these diseases....he is at the CLEVELAND CLINIC"
that just happened.
we are not sure quite when...but it will be very soon. we are working on this through a we may not have answers until monday or tuesday. however...this is GODS PLAN FOR SURE. so we are more confident than ever that HE will make it perfectly clear when it is time for us to go.
wow. can i get an amen on this one?
if you have never seen a miracle...well you have now.
we have never given up that the Lord would provide. He did.

one smaller miracle for the day is: it was really hard for me to think of a fathers day present for a person that is in the hospital. what do you get the best daddy in the world that love to exercise and play golf and do outdoor things...but he cant do any of those things right now?
i thought hard about what his most favorite thing is....and i realized that it is getting a haircut. he has VERY special treatment at Salon Infusion in Boerne. they love him. a LOT. so what happened you say?! they came all the way to his hospital with all his favorite products and gave him the haircut of his life!! i wanted to bless my sweet precious husband...and I did!!! i have never seen him smile like that. so THANK YOU to salon infusion. if you dont go there...maybe you should.

yesterday was rough for other reasons. his levels kept going up...they did today again too. he had to go under for his muscle biopsy yesterday. i have never felt so scared in all my life. we should hear about that this week.
i felt like i was out of body yesterday. just sad and scared.
we wil still start rituxan today. pray that he will have ZERO side affects and only the good effects. pray that this will make him feel better until we get to cleveland. please stop and pray over this trip now. God knows the details...we will let you know when they get sorted out.

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