Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We are HERE!

We made it! We had a great flight. It went by extremely fast...we felt everyones prayers for sure. We so appreciated everyones texts as we were taking off!! We watched a few episodes of Modern Family on the way. Hilarious!

Justin was very stiff and sore after the Houston to Cleveland flight and needed to use the wheelchair when we arrived. He took it like a champ and was without a doubt the cutest guy in the airport. He is having some stiffness in his skin on his hands. He took some pictures of that today to show the dr in case they are not flared tomorrow. He continues to have terrible muscle and joint pain and although the pain patch is helping...there is still too much pain. Random swelling continues. He is still taking over 25 different pills a day....please pray that there are some answers tomorrow that will eliminate some of this!!
We were greeted by our driver at baggage and he was super friendly! We felt a little fancy :)
He told us that just a few blocks from our hotel was an area called Little Italy. So...after we got settled in to the hotel (aka after justin rested and ate chocolate donuts and i unpacked us lol) we went over to check it out. We have not been out to eat in awhile... Justin gets little spurts of energy...but he cannot do much. We really took it slow and had such a sweet time together. Little Italy was so neat! Lots of yummy places to eat and funny Italian music and cobblestone streets. The area we are in is very college-y so it was super fun to sit and people watch. Everything is so green...apparently they are not in a drought.
We are all cozy in our hotel now and are excited to get some good rest tonight before the big day tomorrow.
Today while we were just sitting outside in the SEVENTY-TWO degree weather...we just took a moment and kind of laughed as we realized where we really were. We thought God had called us on a mission to Mexico...but we were wrong. His plan was for us to be HERE. We are exactly where He wanted us to be. Our mission has changed....but His plan has not.
We prayed for each person that was fasting for JMac today. We are so we know there were many of you.
The boys were so thrilled to go to the river house this morning with my sweet aunts! Bryce is going to get some really good Papa time! So....he won't be missing us quite yet.
We ask that you all continue to pray tomorrow...around 11am Texas time is when we will be in his first appointment.
We love you all!!

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