Sunday, June 5, 2011

we are normal

so with all the crazy/awful things going on with justins health right now...we decided whole-heartedly to make this weekend the BEST/most normal weekend we could possibly manage. it took a huge effort for justin (because he feel horrendous) to go with the flow...but he was such a trooper. it would have been much easier to sit around and be sad all weekend...but that is not how the mcelhannons roll.

we are feeling a little discouraged today as we realize the treatment options for polymyositis are somewhere in the realm of non existent. the horrible meds that he started tonight are mostly used to treat the RA...which sadly is the least of our worries. praying again for more answers at wednesdays appointment. the doctor has requested to see justin weekly until further notice :(
SO ANYWAY...back to NON sad news.
we had stephens wedding in houston this weekend. my SUPER awesome aunt helped us so so so much with the boys so we could have some VERY much needed special time together...
justin is WAY exhausted...but he says it was worth it. tonight begins the long road of trying to find a treatment. please continue to pray for healing!

we took the boys to the park!
rehearsal dinner
i got to see some fabulous friends!
swam in my aunts pool!
i love being mrs. jmac
wedding night!
super fun glasses they gave to the wedding party. bryce was thrilled about them.
justin dancing with a strangers daughter.
justin and stephen!!
and then we topped off this fantastic weekend lounging in the pool with friends! thanks mandy and logan for the fun day!

this is his "cheese" face
brax and caleb
sweet brothers tubing down the lazy river
shark boy!

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