Saturday, January 3, 2009

mickey mouse and bills

Thats "Mr. Muffin" to you
Yay...I like you today!

I think Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is my favorite Saturday morning cartoon. It is one of the only ones that does not make my hair hurt. I only mention this because I feel that Disney is on my side this morning and playing it on repeat. Thanks guys. ha. Cartoons and TV bring me to some of those other mommy decisions. Do I allow my son to watch sponge bob and those other dirty cartoons that talk about throwing up in your face and farting on your leg?Uh NO...and may I please ask when cartoon characters got such a 'tude? Like who took an adorable colorful crayon and colored a cutesy creature that can say stupid head and lizard butt? RUDE! So we stick to the Sprout Channel and a great channel called Boom (although not ALL shows on this one are approp.) This also leads me to feeding Bryce. This has become a major project in my household. I mean he just cannot survive on cheese, applesauce and tomatoes! Although these snacks are not bad for him...he needs some meat in his life. And SORRY but bologna does not count as meat lol. It is a work in progress....
A new year and a new start. I am getting organized and finally paying some medical bills. My bank account gets so sad when I start writing checks out to Dr. Cut Your Tummy, Dr. Saved Your Life, Dr. Didn't Do Much and Dr. Heart Throb. Really, I hear cries from my check book. I would much rather be sticking that money in college funds for Bryce or school and therapy funds for Brody. I would rather take the boys on a fun trip or you know...just about anything else. 32 days of NICU care in three different hospitals...two ambulance rides to transfer him to each...a surgery that fused two organs and removed and night care...some extreme jaundice treatment that turned Brody several interesting feeding, nose feeding, belly sucking....AND God only knows what else is NOT cheap. The truth is I would have given my legs, my heart, my soul, my home, my car, my everything to treat my little precious baby. I would have given it all just to be able to have him home and smile at me the way he does. For some reason every once in awhile I get off track and feel like financially its made out to be a punishment. However, I get my little tootie back on track and remember that God gave me this gift and He made him just as he wanted him. We are so blessed that we live in a world where all of Brody's issues could be taken care matter the cost. The first few days of "mourning" the loss of our "perfect" child were difficult and scary. And the next days were nothing but pure bliss. I did get a perfect perfect. It just took me a minute to realize it. I would not change one thing about Brody. NOTHING.

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