Monday, January 5, 2009


I am thrilled to say that preschool starts back up tomorrow. I loved having all the lazy time and snuggle time and holiday hustle/bustle time this past two weeks...but I am just beside myself that our "routine" starts back up tomorrow morning at 8am sharp! Bryce charmed me today while exclaiming that the pizza we had just made from scratch was "fantastic!" this is def. a new word to his vocabulary...its one of the ones he got from me along with rude, super and great! Justin also adds to his example of his most recent Justin phrase is to tell me "stop trippin' mom" And no that was not an attempt at humor...
Our calendar is back in action...lots of therapy this week and a doctors appointment as well...hopefully even a hair appointment for thursday. Brody is getting better and better at managing his neck control. Kids with Downs overall have very low muscle tone...some do not walk until the ages of 3-5 BUT our man Brody is showing quick signs of gaining muscle control and really loves his tummy time. He is rolling more frequently now and is doing well in the bumbo chair. I am trying not to overwork him until we have our next cardiologist appointment...but he seems to be doing great. We meet with his OT on Wednesday afternoon and I am looking forward to see what she has to say. I ran into our case manager from the NICU today and it made me so proud to be able to show Brody off. He has come great lengths since she saw him last. She helped us in so many ways and provided us with so much valuable information. I just could not have made it with some of the resources the NICU had to offer. We were truly blessed by the experience to have such great people touch our lives. God has a plan for us and I appreciate his plan more and more each day.

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