Thursday, January 29, 2009

oh picu

Unfortunately we are being moved to the PICU. We were praying hard that this would not happen, but they want to keep a closer eye on muffin. He is still on full oxygen and his saturations are getting better, however his CO2 levels are going up due to the strain in his bronchial tubes (caused by RSV) and this is not a good thing. He is just working too hard. They have moved the breathing treatments to every 2 hours now and have asked me to slow feedings to reduce the chance of aspiration. We are still waiting for the respiratory/lung specialist to come and see if she would like to take a different approach to his recovery. I absolutely hope so since we are not improving. Muffin ripped out his IV on his foot last night so they had to come redo that on his hand. A team from the NICU came up to do it and I think they were just born to do IV's because it only took one poke. Praise God for that.
Being with Muffin in the hospital again is very different than last time. I am much more comfortable with the situation, however its much harder on an emotional level. Last time he was just this helpless little man that came out of my tummy and I loved him so much, but was not sure why yet. Now I "know" him...he is my little man and I need him to heal quickly. He shot me a quick and TOTALLY fake smile this morning...he takes after me and can put on a front :) I appreciated it because it warmed my heart and now I will pray hard that we get some real deal smiles ASAP.
I am heartbroken that I am missing Bryce's first field trip today. His class is going to McDonalds and I am just so bummed to miss out. I miss him sooooo much I can't even stand it! He called last night and asked to speak to Brody's doctor. Fortunately for Brody's doctor he was not nearby or he probably would have been given the 3rd degree on why "his baby" is not home yet :) Bryce is pretty demanding and I absolutely LOVE it!
Thanks to all my beautiful friends with God and Love in your hearts. Please keep praying and thank you for keeping me strong during this time. We def. having some communication struggles with the outside world, but we will keep in touch as best as possible. We are in the PICU now and will be praying hard for a quick return back upstairs. Love to all...

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