Friday, January 23, 2009

oh boys

So getting Brody's picture taken was a success! I took him to Potrait Innovations and to Justin's surprise...I did not break the bank :) He did really good, he was completely engaged and aware of his surroundings and we even got a picture mid-laugh. I am trying to figure out how to work the scanner so I can post the pics soon. Brody had his OT appointment with the amazing Mandy this week and that went really well. She was really impressed with his muscle control and could tell we had been practicing our exercises. We will continue to work on his flexion and bringing his arms and legs in towards his chest. He showed off how he can scoot across his play mat on his belly, roll over and grab his toys and put them in his mouth. She really wants us to make him aware of his eventhough Justin thinks its rude...we have been pulling his feet towards his face! Eventually he will grab on to them and realize he has his very own toys available to him at all times! Bryce has been learning about opposites and nocturnal animals. Sometimes I think he is smarter than I am....well he thinks so anyways.
We are continuing to embrace this new adventure of "life in boerne" and it gets better everyday.

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