Friday, January 16, 2009

normal needs

I have started to think about the phrase "Special Needs Child"...the definition for this is a child who has specific emotional and medical needs due to physical conditions, genetic conditions, abuse or neglect and so on. SO I have decided that ALL children are special needs and I do not like that other definition at all. One day I will have to create my own dictionary with all the new meanings for words I have made up…sorry Webster. God made all children equally different. He handcrafted each one to his pristine expectations...He wanted some of them to be picky eaters, He wanted some of them to wake up all night, some to need surgery or special medications, He wanted some of them to cry more than others, some to have trouble reading or not like to share. He created children who have trouble hearing and children who are allergic to milk. Some kids are whinier then others and some only eat cheese. Some kids hit their friends and some kids have a hard time potty training. Some kids are born missing vital organs or with an extra finger. Our Lord did not "mess up" or make a mistake...he simply wanted them that way. To me...ALL children are special needs. They all need us in their own special way. They all need our love and care and attention. Bryce walked when he was 8 months old...but he did not talk until he was 2. He had some issues with his hearing and sometimes he goes a whole day with only eating cereal and cheese sticks. So both my children need my in their own "special" way. I love noticing the differences in all the kids we meet. They are all so beautiful and SPECIAL. We should be more careful about passing judgment on kids that look or act different than our own.

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