Wednesday, January 28, 2009

pnasty pneumonia

So....we have now been in the hospital with Brody for a little over 24 hours and it does not appear that we will be leaving anytime soon. After skipping two feedings I knew immediately that something was wrong with my muffin. Oh that reminds me...Bryce has decided that he does not really like "Muffin" he has decided that he prefers to call him "Cornbread" for the humor of this slightly depressing post I will refer to my muffin as cornbread. Thank you Bryce. Brody has pneumonia (which is officially the ugliest spelled word in the world) in one of his lobes. He is being given antibiotics through an IV along with a steroid for inflammation, flonase and xopenex breathing treatments every 3 hours followed by the baby booger sucker. He has really been tolerating his feeds well today which is such a blessing for his strength. He is currently on a very high amount of oxygen and will stay that way until he proves that he can be weaned. Cornbread is having to work SOOO hard just to breath and it really wears him out. His weezing is absolutely heartbreaking. Our man is still trucking we all know he is part superman. God created such a little fighter! I gave him a bath today and he felt like a brand new man. He even requested that I style his hair in case any of the nurses happened to be cute.
We had quite a long night due to an innapropriate roomate that shared entirely too much personal information with me. After realizing that it was quite possible she was completely INSANE, I requested a new room and we are "breathing easier" now. As much as I am sorry for her pill addiction and extreme need to cut herself....I think we were better off getting away and "sleeping" next to some normal folks.
Thank you so much for all your love and support. Keep praying for his recovery because we are ready to go HOME. Being here brings back so many memories...both scary and good. I know he is in great care...but more than anything he is in great HANDS!

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