Monday, January 26, 2009

stinky success

We are working on the no hands thing
Pass it to ME dad!

We are Awesome

Thanks for the cute outfit Amanda!

So just a small update on a few things. We have really been working hard with Brody on strengthening muscles and finding his feet! The exercises we do involve lots of leg movement which is so good for our little man. He really enjoys them and laughs the whole time...and this is mostly because it helps him relieve gas! When we pull his knees up to his chest we always hear a toot toot toot and then a bunch of giggles from him and Bryce. Big brother thinks its so hilarious that his baby toots in my face. Bryce is really into soccer these days. I have signed him up at the YMCA and he will start playing in March. He slept with his shin guards on last night....such dedication. My muffin and my macaroni keep growing each day and I just can't get enough!

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