Monday, January 12, 2009

reflections and perfections

Motherhood has made me a person that I did not know. It has brought out a side of me that I did not recognize. I am a more calm, loving, faithful and gracious person. Being a mom has allowed me to reflect on the person I chose to be and the person I have been and the people I will pray for my children to become. Being a mom was part of God's plan for me and I am so thankful for his gifts. God has a plan for everyone whether it be parenthood or not and either way its a glorious plan. Every person has a story and not one single persons story or path is clear of bumps. When I feel overwhelmed or exhausted I remind myself to embrace these moments in life that appear to be difficult. I have to remember that these instances are actually blessings. That as some days feel more difficult than others (and longer!)...we really have to cherish them because they will be over soon. Bad days end and so do good days. If we focus too hard on the tough stuff...then the good stuff is going to fly out of our hands before we have had time to treasure it. Perfection is a word or idea that is up to each individuals interpretation. After giving birth to Brody I had to struggle with that word. I mourned the loss of my "perfect" child and prepared for a life with a child who would have social and mental disadvantages. BUT after bringing him home and getting to know him...I realized he IS perfect. Absolutely and most wonderfully PERFECT. God created him for me and I could just not imagine him any other way! I adore the way his tongue pokes out because it is a little long for his mouth. I admire his fight and determination to heal quickly and feed well even when the doctors said he would not. The quirkiness of his missing line on his pinky finger is so miraculous to me. God creates us all so beautifully...and he did not stray while creating Brody. My children are MY portrait of perfection

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