Monday, July 4, 2011

five days on the phone

So here are the last 5 days in pictures from my phone. Sweet friends have texted and emailed pics of the kids...and I have snapped a few of what we are doing here.

Here is our precious patient!
Isaiah 35:4
Here is Bryce at the river house! There is a sprinkler under the swing! FUN!
The boys are at the river playing in what looks like a dirt pile. How fun is that??
Linda took Bryce to Landons party!!
...and he got to spend some time with Mr. Ed!!!
Oh these two. Could they be more precious together??
A letter man. Because...why would I not take a picture of this? It is in the lobby.
While I was waiting for Justin to get his 17th CT scan/ultrasound...I was asked to move out of the the traveling trash can. Seriously. There was no person in sight. I also took a video...because...hello!!!! Its a talking moving by itself trash can!
This is PART of the long sad hallway I walk "home" down each night.
This is something that makes me happy.
Little tiny things usually ALWAYS make me happy...
so a little pepper and a little salt makes me smile for sure.
Coffee is good right now. Thank you sweet Sam for the coffee cozy. I am just so happy there is a starbucks downstairs...even if the barista feels sorry for me and gives me free coffee a lot.
This is from the day we got here. This is how they found his nail bed capillary abnormality.
Looks to me like a fancy manicure ;)
This is a view from the doctors office window on Thursday.
We are in one of those buildings...
This is where we went the first night we were here. Little Italy in Cleveland!
This is the view from our hotel window!
I keep the shades closed though because I only go there to sleep.
Here are my little pumpkin pie babies swimming out in the backyard with my aunts!!
Lucky Bryce got to spend Sunday with Jerry and Joanie at the Wildlife Safari!!
Here is the baby goat that he caught! Wish we could keep it :)
A very important cheesy lunch

A group of 7 doctors are in now to talk about Justin. I will give you all the scoop on that tonight. In the meantime...Justin and I have been praying about another sweet couple. Sure puts things into perspective. Take a look if you have some time...but get ready to cry.

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