Tuesday, July 26, 2011

preparing for cleveland...again

justin has just been trucking along. still having random fevers...severe headaches and his other typical symptoms. he will go today and get a blood patch in hopes that these headaches are "spinal headaches" due to the lumbar puncture and spinal anesthesia. he is still struggling with his breathing and will unfortunately be dealing with the affects of pneumonia for a while to come. we have had some amazing prayer time and friend time recently. it has meant so much. we are making some delicious lemonade out of all of these lemons and its crazy sweet. we have spent some very precious time with some of the most amazing people that we have ever known. God is so good and we will never stop thanking him for our blessings.

did i mention that justin made the deans list at university of incarnate word?????

i know many of you were wanting to know of a way you could help! our precious church family is hosting a pancake dinner for our family and another family! if you cant make it...get a tshirt! they will only be on sale until thursday night at midnight!!

so tomorrow we head to cleveland again! stop now and pray for a peaceful trip. we are no longer praying for answers. we know that God has the answer...and its healing...he promises us that through his son Jesus. pray for our kids as we leave them...again.

shout out to my sweet friends the daleys! we sure are going to miss you guys! come back from sc to visit soon...especially around christmas...it wont be the same around here with out that italian santa. PS: all you pregos....no babies while i am gone either!!

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