Thursday, July 7, 2011

I forget what day it is

We only have one computer charger..and Justin has it. So I am blogging from my phone. And that is hard :(
Anyway. I have enjoyed every second with my boys. It feels so good to be back with them!! I love them so much and I really needed their smelly hugs and kisses.
Today has been not so awesome in Cleveland. Justin has been waiting since 5am for his biopsy. (it's 4:30pm there right now)...I can only imagine what a bear he is right now... He has not had any food since last night.
So... Do you remember the "liver team" I talked about? Well they came back today with all his test results. Not good. Not good AT ALL. They changed his type of steroid because regular prednisone is not being helpful with the liver issues. They want to run a whole big fat bunch of more tests and eventually do a liver biopsy.
So... Where does that leave us?
Well... Nowhere. He is weeks a away from getting all this totally pieced together. He cannot just sit in Cleveland and wait for it all to pan out. He spoke with his doctors today and explained to them that he wants his family back together and that much more time in a hospital bed may make him lose his mind. The doctors agreed that he could go home and wait for these results... And continue testing under their supervision. They will need him to come back in a few weeks... But in the meantime... He REALLY needs some home time.
So basically he will be going home with very few answers... But lots if hope. We are very disappointed that the answers were not easier to find. Stubborn man!!! ;)
I will stay home and wait for him. The airline ticket that my sweet friend got me to go back will transfer to a ticket for him to come home!! We still don't know exactly when that will be... But we know it will be soon. We are praying that he can be home by Monday.
This is just all bittersweet. I just sit back in awe that Justin was able to get to the doctors that could figure it out. Just unfortunately figuring out someone like him is not an overnight thing!! How great is our God???
I am pretty sure you know how great the macs think He is!!!
Ok... I can't even see what I have written from my dumb phone. So hopefully it makes a tiny bit of sense.
Bottom line is... God brought Justin to Cleveland. Now He is bringing him home. Soon He will bring answers!

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