Friday, July 8, 2011

he is coming HOME!

These past two days have been the worst for Justin. He waited all day yesterday for the surgeon to come get him. He was supposed to go to pre op at 5am. He waited and waited...not allowed to eat OR have his pain medication. Around 5:30pm they came in and told him he was rescheduled for today. The surgeon was not going to have time for him. he woke up and was not allowed to eat again. He was miserably and UNpatiently waiting. He said he didnt even feel like praying...he was SO miserable. So...about that time a Pastor from a local church came to pray for him. Man...God works FAST! Around 2pm today they FINALLY came and got him. He was in recovery for 6 hours. He is in excruciating pain. They gave him an epidural before the surgery and he is still not able to move his legs. He was not able to do regular anesthesia due to his liver and lung issues. He is flat out pitiful right now. I am heartbroken that I am not there to be with him. I wish I could hold his hand. He just texted me and said he has NEVER been in more severe pain. I cannot even think about that...because he has dealt with some pretty serious pain over the last few months.
The good news is that he still gets to come home tomorrow! I CANNOT wait to tell you all about that...but for now its top secret :)
A couple of things...
Do you guys just LOVE the new and improved blog? Thank you so much to my sweet friend Katie for the upgrade!!
Today the cutest delivery girl in town brought over the MOST AMAZING BUCKET of goodies I have EVER seen. And when I say bucket...I mean a big ol honking huge bucket!! I can tell that my most special friends filled it up...because it REALLY has all of our MOST favorite goodies in it! I am surrounded by the most amazing women in the world. How could I get through this without my sisters in christ to encourage me every step of the way??
One more tiny sidenote...
I am not sure if any of you remember THIS POST where I talked about our HUGE miracle that basically got Justin to Cleveland...and then later I asked those of you who have this devotional to go back and read Jesus Calling for June 18th?? Well...I just realized yesterday that June 18th has one more major significance to us. That is the day that Justin and I started dating. Yup. Its the truth. How special is that date? It is one we will truly NEVER forget.
I am over to moon excited to update you all tomorrow with some very big news.
Please stop and pray right now for Justin's pain. They removed a 3 inch x 3 inch piece of muscle from his leg and it hurts...BAD. He is ready to come home and be with his family. He needs to sleep in our bed and get sticky high fives from our boys. He will either need to be issued crutches or a wheelchair for a little while and will still continue to require the cane after that.
So...we are still sad that he is coming home without all the answers we had hoped for...but we know they are coming.
Now he can wait for the answers in the comfort of his own home and then head back up there in a few weeks for a new treatment plan.
Can't wait for tomorrows update!!
love you all!!

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