Friday, July 29, 2011

friday in cleveland

today has been a whirlwind. we woke up at 6:30 and got justin some caffeine to try and help with his migraine. we then went over to see Dr. Parambil (pulmonologist...this is the sweet dr. that has a baby named Bryce with downs syndrome). He was booked solid and had no time to see Justin while we were here...that is until he looked at Justins lung ct scan last night. So...he asked Justin to come in at 7:30 this morning. He was there waiting for him when we arrived at 7:15. He showed us the scan of Justins lungs from 4 weeks ago in a split screen with the scan from yesterday. It was such an unbelievable difference. The dr was extremely concerned. The amount of debris and scar tissue that has formed within a month is horrible. He said that he would need to admit Justin immediately and have him monitored and on IV antibiotics. He called the situation life threatening. He said there is something devastating his lungs and they need to get on it asap. He has two separate IV's in to get antibiotics in faster. He had his blood patch this morning and now his spine is hurting badly and he has no relief from the headaches. His frustration is at an all time high.

Side note: there will be a bone density scan in his future due to the possibility of osteoporosis.
He then went in for his lung biopsy and bronchoscopy. Before they started his fever spiked to 104. These unexplained fevers are getting old and sure making Justin miserable. They went forward with the procedure (if you are curious how they do that...its a camera through his NOSE). He was in recovery for an hour and is now back up in the room. THE PRIVATE ROOM! This morning when we were talking with Dr. Parambil...he asked about Brody. I told him that he is using the POTTY!! He was so excited for us that when Justin asked for a private room he said "hey, no problem!" Another quick side note....How awesome is that about Brody? He is doing so great on his little frog potty. I am so thankful that his favorite teacher ever has him this weekend so she can help him with this. We love you Ms. Kaki!!
My sweet aunts have had Brax and Bryce and they are doing great. Bryce is finishing up his last day at camp today and Brax got to go to a bouncy place in new braunfels this morning!!
So...Justin will not receive these results until Tuesday or Wednesday. Dr. Parambil told him to expect to be here a week. I am going home tomorrow night and the owner at Toyota (Vic) is coming to be with him through the weekend. I am so sad to miss my special "mother/daughter" date with Cathy Smith tomorrow at the Hill Country Pregnancy Center Luncheon and even more sad that I wont get to watch Katie, Barbara and pretty Addie strut their stuff down the runway. I will have to ask for a private showing :)
I just do not know what the future holds at this point. I know our Lord has it figured out. He will show us the plan when he is ready. We have been praying for answers for 3 months now...and they are really coming in...slowly but surely.
Shout out to my 3 precious friends who just had babies within the last 2 days and a special prayer for sweet Andrea who is READY to meet baby Ian.
Some of these procedures are just coming full circle in our lives. Respiratory things give me the heebies as I remember all the things we went through with Brody and his baby lungs in his first year. Justin is now suffering from severe reflux issues which is also something that has been an ongoing issue for our Brody. They both need a scope done....yuck.
Justin is once again disappointed to miss more work. He is also annoyed that he is on break from school because he gets bored in the hospital and likes to do school work while he is here. What a weirdo.
My sweet friend Dena sent me a quote from a book the other day "we will all pray you through this, you wont need to do anything" That is so comforting to me right now. When I try and pray right now all I can do in my head is sing praise and worship...there are just not a lot of words my friends...I ask you to take over. Pray for often as you can. Please.

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