Saturday, July 2, 2011

saturday in cleveland

i am too emotional to write anything profound today. i have sat alone in the waiting room and cried a lot today. i have had some very precious prayer time...but still feel like my stomach fell out. and my brain feels twitchy. and my eyeballs hurt from crying.

here is the scoop:
starting now they are testing justin for every kind of cancer there is. starting with the stomach and moving south. he just had to drink some disgusting thing that he is mad about and will head down for more CAT scans sometime soon. does anyone remember that he cant eat before those? Insert potty words.
They will do PET scans also...but we are not sure when. Maybe today...maybe not until Tuesday.
They have confirmed that he for sure has the polymyositis...but now they want to know what else. Polymyositis is not supposed to cause all these other problems.
They will do the EMG...we thought yesterday...but maybe today...maybe monday....maybe tuesday.
AFTER those results...they will determine if they are going to do another muscle biopsy with a larger piece of muscle.
So basically we will be here 100 years.
They will go ahead and do his chemo (rituxan) on monday IF the transfusion center is open...if not...then Tuesday.
They are continuing to find more problems with his liver. They have done some tests that came back positive and they are ordering more tests now.
It's barely noon and I feel like we have run a marathon.
The doctor just told justin that he is the "hot case" on the floor and is a definite priority to everyone here.
Thank you God for bringing us here. I am on my knees daily thanking You. Praising Your name...and maybe still asking why....But all the while...I am trusting.

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