Wednesday, July 6, 2011

where two or more are gathered...i am there with them - matthew 18:20

Today was INSANITY! I got to the Cleveland airport this morning at 5am. They had ONE checkpoint open. ONE person to check tickets. ONE person to scan your luggage. Not a very friendly person either. and the five people that were standing behind me...all missed our flights. I really lost it. I have had some cry fests over the past few weeks. But today was it. I had all I could handle and I just crumbled. On the airport floor. I know...gross.

So anyways...surprisingly someone was able to understand me through my sobs and they got me on a plane to Chicago within the hour and then I was here with my babies by 1pm.
I got here at nap time which was great because I got some time with just Bryce. We really needed that quiet time together!! Then my stinkies started to wake up. Braxton was so so so so SOOOOO excited. He kept squeezing my face and petting me and laughing. He said "mine mine mine" and hugged me so tight. It was the most delicious thing in the whole wide world. Then Brody woke up and gave me and kiss and a high five. He just kinda smiled at me like..oh good you are back where you are supposed to be and then acted like his regular precious self.
We had the best afternoon. I left my phone in my room and just focused every second of this day on my guys.
Chris got to into Cleveland great and was there before I even got home! The doctor came in and they have scheduled his biopsy! He will go into pre op tomorrow morning at 5am...but the surgery will not take place until after lunch. I just cannot even think about not being there with him when he wakes up. I know I am where I am supposed to be right now...please join me in praying for peace about that.
1 Corinthians 4:20
God's people have been called from far and wide to pray for our family and lift up Justin...daily. It is not just talk. Those prayers are so so powerful. We feel it! Even when things dont seem to be going OUR way. We rest in faith that they are going HIS way.
We know that this biopsy (PS: plastics has to come in and do it...because its going to be a pretty big hunk) is going to provide the answers. At this is SO evident that God is in control...that worrying just seems like a waste. So I am not going to do it.
Well. I am going to REALLY pray about that anyway :)

PS: I know I have said one million times that I have the best friends in the whole wide world...BUT now I can show you a lot of them...and just how awesome they are!!

They tricked me!! Big time!!!

I was so so so surprised and even more blessed by this precious prayer time with my sisters in christ. I needed a LOT of hugs this past week...and I got caught up on them all today!

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