Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Today Justin started his morning having a full body PET scan. He had to have this creepy radioactive stuff go in his IV and he had to lay still for a really long time. Justin is HORRIBLE at sitting still. He is a lot like Bryce :)

He got to come upstairs for a quick lunch and has been doing his chemo all afternoon. It makes him feel pretty yuck. Very flu like and super sweaty.

All morning I prayed that he would be able to get his EMG done ASAP. I prayed and prayed and prayed. The doctors were having some issues getting it scheduled and the nurse told him the soonest he could get in would be Friday. We did not stop praying that God would show us His perfect timing for this EMG (btw...the EMG is this scary thing that pokes him all over his muscles).

A NEW doctor came in and decided that an EMG was no longer necessary. NEAT! He said that an MRI would be good enough to determine what part of the leg to take another biopsy from.
So...after his chemo...he will head down for ANOTHER MRI.
Please pray that these results will come back ASAP and the biopsy will be scheduled so so quickly!

I love the way God shows His love to us. It is never just quite what we were expecting...its ALWAYS better!!

This new doctor that came in today was WONDERFUL. He had a whole new perspective on everything. He was able to explain so much to us and had lots of ideas on why everything was so puzzling. No answers...but lots of ideas on how he wants to get to the bottom of it. We are so excited to see what he will say next!

The liver consultation team came in and decided that he needed to come off the methotrexate. It was causing more damage to his liver than doing any good for his autoimmune issues. He is very excited to no longer have to take that! The side effects are AWFUL.

I AM GOING TO SEE MY KIDS TOMORROW!!! I can hardly wait to see all of their stinky faces!!! I am so so so going to miss sitting next to my man...but I know he will be in good company with his best friend Chris who will be coming to sit by his side while I am gone!! I will be back with him Friday around lunch time.

Today we were featured on a really neat BLOG!
Check it out when you have some time! We are blessed to be included in this awesome ministry! We are also excited for a whole new group of prayer warriors to be lifting up Justin.

Thank you all for your endless support and prayers for our little family :)

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