Monday, July 4, 2011

happy 4th of july!!

Today was eventful. Justin started his morning (hungry) at 7am with occupational therapy and physical therapy. They said it was now necessary for him to have a cane. He thinks that is cool. Me...well whatever :)

Seven doctors then came in at the same time. They said that they are getting false positives on some tests and nothing is piecing together properly. He will still do his chemo tomorrow...then the EMG ....then the biopsy etc. BUT in the meantime a conference is now scheduled. ALL the rheumatologists on staff at Cleveland Clinic will meet on Friday and discuss Justin. This is HUGE! Bummer part is that he will for sure be here on Friday (unless...some random test result gives them what they are looking for)...but the AWESOME part is that Justin will be looked at by each and every specialist they have here! How amazing is our God!!??
WE HAD A VISITOR TODAY!!! Yes a real live person was here!! Our super awesome friend, Chantel, has a dear friend that lives about 3 hours away. She drove all the way over to visit with us today. She prayed with us and even took me to the store!! It was so nice to have someone in our room that was not a nurse or doctor.
The kids had a GREAT day. They started out their morning with a bass pro tour. Then Bryce got to hang with the fickeys all afternoon and the babies got to hang at the stone creek pool with my aunts (thanks mandy and logan for getting them in!).
Justin was allowed to leave the floor (with his new fancy cane) and go eat dinner at our hotel...and fireworks from the hospital rooftop!!! It was so beautiful...there were fireworks coming from every direction. Over downtown...over lake erie...over the indians was awesome. And did I mention its like 72 degrees???
Tomorrow is supposed to be the BIG DAY. All the results are supposed to start rolling in. Justin will have his chemo tomorrow. This is AWFUL. So...put your praying pants on.
New doctors will come to see him...the holiday weekend is OVER. So lets get this show on the road!! God has big huge gigantic things in store for us and we are just bursting at the seams excited to see what it is all about!!

Some other pretty awesome things have happened. I know these families dont NEED to be thanked...BUT I just have to give a shout out to my aunts for holding down the fort with my sweet little babies. To the Amerman family for getting my daddy home, to the House family for getting me to my babies later this week, to the Fickeys for hanging out with crazy Bryce all night, to the Minahan/Srps for EVERYTHING and to all the other precious people that have done such amazing things for us. Never ever ever will I feel like I have thanked everyone enough!!!
PS: Joanie and Jerry...Bryce wants a pet goat now. Thanks a lot lol!!

Brody at the pool!
Bryce, Pretty Addie and Big Brody at the pool today!
Bryce fits right in with you crazy Fickeys :)
oh my
is that a mustache mr mcelhannon??
thanks for this fun pic linda!!
and this is the grand finale!! this is the view we had when we got up to the rooftop tonight!! behind the buildings is the lake! every piece of the sky was lit up with glitter tonight!!

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