Tuesday, July 12, 2011

getting settled

The past few days have just flown by. It has been so nice to have everyone together and have order in our little mac shack. Justin's pain level is still very high. The spot where he had the muscle biopsy is still hurting him pretty badly. He is not able to walk around too much...and when he does...he pays for it. He gets very pale and weak and has to sit down a lot. All his different medications make him feel funny too...but he is not really sure which one causes the most trouble for him. Cleveland Clinic called this morning and scheduled his follow up appointment for July 28th. We are hopeful that we will hear some sort of news before then...but are continuing to rely on God's perfect timing on all answers. So...we will find out whatever when we are supposed to find out whatever. The drs have also discussed doing an extra chemo treatment each year. Bummer. The chemo is VERY expensive and no fun for Justin at all... so nobody was too excited about that info. BUT God went ahead and let us know His arms were still wrapped tightly around us. The very next day...a deposit was made into the wells fargo account for the EXACT amount of one extra round of chemo. We had not even told anyone about that. Pretty neat right? Justin is very eager to go back to work. Toyota of Boerne has saved his place and I know they are just as anxious to have him back! They have all gone out of their way to make sure Justin and the rest of us KNOW that we are family. Such a blessing. He has decided to go back for a few hours tomorrow and just take it slow. I have always felt that Justin was the most AMBITIOUS person that I have met...I knew from day one that he has taken his role as the provider in our family very seriously. Nothing is going to hold Justin back from trying to provide for his family...no stinky diseases will stand in his way!!! And speaking of ambition...he just got his grades back for the first summer session and he got all A's...again. He has not even informed Incarnate Word of anything that is going on with him. He kept up with every single paper and assignment while he has been in the hospital. It makes me tired just thinking about it.

Other fun things that have been happening include the fact that MY DAD IS HERE!!! HOORAY!! The boys all about giggle right out of their skin when he arrives. They love him so much and the feeling is so mutual. He hardly pays any attention to us because he is too busy playing games with them and tickling them and acting goofy. He fits right in. He was made to be a pop pop!!
I am also teaching VBS this week...which is one of my most favorite things in the whole wide world. It gives Justin some quiet rest time in the mornings and it feeds my soul to teach kids about Jesus.
I was honored to be able to help host a baby shower for one of my favorite friends, Andrea. I was so excited that we got home from Cleveland in time for me to make it! I also got home in the knick of time to witness Dena and Jacob get baptized!! Such a special day for both of them! The Heavens are rejoicing and I am so proud for them both.
So now we just truck along and wait for answers and appointments etc. He will see dr. f this friday afternoon. He is really looking forward to seeing Justin and getting all his info from Cleveland.

Andrea's Shower hostesses! (minus rebecca)
Tracy and Pat had too much fun with the diaper game!!
Tori and Andrea playing the diaper game!
The theme was "She's about to POP!"
prayer tree
by the talented christi
sweet friends!

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